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"Our coach actually made the Marriage Prep (pre-marital counseling) fun and enjoyable. He had a way of making you feel comfortable and not judged ever. Forever our go to when we're seeking help in our relationship."

— Amelia

"If I am honest, I did not want anything to do with marriage coaching, but our coach not only got me to a place where I didn't mind showing up...I looked forward to it. We learned so much and actually enjoyed it."

— Branden

"Very knowledgeable and very helpful! "

— Nikki

"Mark was great- he gave many examples that pertained to the topics- has a great sense of humor and made it comfortable to be here."

— Kelly

"I hope this provides the same value to other couples that it did for us."

— Jono

"Our course had great examples and well directed group discussion as well. "

— Sara

"Helpful in giving personal examples and making the sessions a comfortable place to share; knowledgable in all of the areas and shared good resources! "

— Anonymous

"I think this class was great. If I didn’t, we wouldn’t have come back. I was not excited about this at all at first, but found it to be very helpful. It was worth my time to be here— and I don’t say that often. "

— Nate

"I appreciate the willingness of our instructor to share personal information and be vulnerable. "

— Anonymous

"Very confident and comfortable instructor. Great Job! "

— Dan

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